What is Epistle?

A written letter, something that carries a formality we often neglect these days. The written word is one of humankind’s most powerful tools. We also believe that vaping is a powerful tool, but we need your help to lead the campaign for it.

Epistle E-liquid has partnered with NOTBlowingSmoke™ to send our message directly to you, and the message is this:

We CAN make a difference.

We believe strongly in NOTBlowingSmoke™ and to prove it, we’re donating a portion of every sale to support their efforts to educate vapers and non-vapers alike. The community has been very kind to us, and it’s time we give back. This partnership allows us to bring NOTBlowingSmoke™ offline and into your hands with the goal of encouraging discussion with your fellow vapers. We have provided a tool which we hope will encourage people to discuss the topics and engage in conversation. Whether it is at a local shop, at home with friends and family or at an event, we want people to contribute and learn.

We hope you’ll share that discussion with us, and we’ve set up reply@epitsleeliquids.com so you can do just that. We want to hear from YOU, whether it’s an answer to the message on the box, your thoughts about what vaping means to you, or how you fight for vaping. Reach out to your friends using #vapeforthought and #notblowingsmoke.

The time is now – from beginners, to advanced vapers, to collectors, and most importantly, smokers who have taken their first steps toward NOTBlowingSmoke™, your voice needs to be heard – help us write an Epistle for vaping.